Scale VR and Virtual Reality : Highlights 2018!

2018 is about to end and it was nothing less than interesting for us exploring the Virtual Reality space, setting up our company in Dubai - Thanks to being a part of Startupbootcamp Dubai’s top 10 startups.We are doing nothing but building on to our successes one at a time :)

Talking about our company , we’ve built a strong foundation this year and launched some great content. We’ve also learnt a lot about what works in VR, and this motivates us to produce better and richer content that will appeal to everyone. We now have a strong and fertile base feeds growth, and we are super excited to work on some challenging projects set for 2019!

Coming to how the year 2018 looked like for the VR Industry, here’s what we have to say:

Like the close of 2017,Oculus and HTC are still head-to-head in terms of applicability room-scale interactions. One of the key learning for everyone from 2018 is that it is a price elastic market; a decrease in costs leads to an increase in sales, with hardware fidelity being less of a factor for the consumer.With the standalone headsets being pushed in 2018 / 2019, sales may spike upwards depending on the costs of the hardware. While 2018 was a battle between several large companies in mobile and HMDs, the market will now open further with MR and standalone headsets – a fresh market set to rupture how people will experience immersive reality.

VR has already set the stage ready for companies to explore and integrate VR in their business.With applications of VR booming in real estate,tourism,safety and training, 2019 is definitely something we are most looking forward to!

Before we come up with a brand new post to wrap up this year,here's wishing you all a very Merry 'mas and a Happy Holiday season!!!

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