Our take on using VR in Education and learnings from EdExMena- Dubai

With the rapidly evolving technology around the world,our presence at the recently held EdExMena @LeMeridin Dubai,brought to light the curiosity level of teachers and students in knowing how virtual reality will change the game for the learning and education industry. Participating in EdExMena a few weeks ago was a wonderful opportunity to meet with leaders in the education space. In this blog post, we decided to crack this question and here’s our take on using VR in Education.

Undoubtedly,VR is here to stay and will play a big role in training students . Thanks to VR simplifying difficult concepts through an immersive and interactive learning experience! As a 90’s kid,we always imagined something like this with VR, that dream is now a reality!!

Here’s a list of takeaways that we have penned down after interacting with some experienced presentees at EdExMena:

Breaking the traditional methods of learning

VR will change the traditional methods of learning,by bringing education to life .This is definitely one thing that we already know and the industry experts vouch for. Gone are the days when classroom lectures would be all about the teacher explaining the concepts on a board.With such a rapid implication of VR in the education sector,It’s also likely that the best schools of tomorrow will be defined according to how well the school has adapted its curriculum to current and future technological trends rather than just past academic achievements

Learning here, there everywhere

VR is adding a new dimension to the idea that learning is everywhere and it’s the student’s experience that counts.Students can benefit from being immersed in scenarios that will prepare them for real life on the job training. As technology evolves,sometimes the best way to explain difficult concepts is through demonstration rather than intensive lectures

As a result, this may also encourage educational institutions to expand the opportunities for students to interact with companies, thus helping them with their potential career choices. Instead of forcing students to seek out their own internship opportunities, VR can bring internships to students with immersive learning experiences based on real-life careers in their respective fields

Opening the door of opportunities to learn

With a majority of the workers working remotely,it is likely that time and location independence will start to apply to education at all levels, as well.VR technology facilitates opportunities for remote learning.With Virtual Reality,students will have more opportunities to learn at different times and in different locations

Delivering Learning over Competition

Competition has become one of the major hallmarks of the student learning experience. In fact, at the university level competing against one’s peers has actually become more important than the learning experience itself

With VR,study tools can be adapted to allow students to learn at their own pace. This gives the students of tomorrow even more choice when it comes to their academic experiences by creating environments driven by positive reinforcement rather than competition.VR study tools also helps the students grasp and retain what they have learned and also provides deeper understanding

Final Touch!

Virtual Reality is definitely headed to change the way educators/teachers teach and students learn both inside and outside of the classroom. It is clear that VR will deliver the study tools that students need to be successful in fields that have been difficult to teach using conventional methods

The Future is NOW

While VR technology has far to go,will definitely help create the workforce of the future Despite all these possibilities,however, the usefulness of VR as an educational tool rests in the hands of the teachers and how they choose to implement it

To schedule a free demo for your institute / school , we are just an email / call away! We look forward to hearing from you until we see you soon with our next post :)

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