How Virtual Reality is changing the game for Fire & safety training!

With all the jazz around VR being the next big thing in the technological space, we decided to crack this question that often pops on your mind!

How exactly does VR apply to the Fire and Safety Industry?

The answer lies in the context: when and where VR can be successfully integrated into training programmes to simulate the specific disciplines that the learner needs to implement within a 3D realm. Undoubtedly the significant appeal of virtual reality fire & safety training is the very fact that workers can be exposed and trained for high risk situations without actually dealing with it!! Which means,they are under a 100% safe environment!

In the current scenario,fire & safety trainings are mainstream and one sided with just a demo being given by a representative usually through drills across schools and corporates. We decided to address this issue with our very own fire & safety module. Our virtual reality fire extinguisher training offers a high level of practicality due to the motion-based sensor technology in blended with highly reliable virtual reality solution. Talking about the sensor technology it replicates the user’s actions and movements such as the turning of their head and kneeling.


The best part---

Knowledge retention is very high with our fire & safety virtual reality program. It is so real and immersive that it’s burned into that fight-flight mechanism in their brain.


Touchdown BENEFITS --

Interactive action-oriented learning

Better grasping and retention

Portable with a very short setup time and almost nil training costs.

Deployable in standard classroom at any fire station or training academy.

Exposure to high risk situations in a safe environment

And Baam --- We already have people from varied countries and nationalities trying our free fire and safety demo booth that is set up at DTEC - DSOA, Dubai. Which means we are looking forward to see you at our booth too ;)


Here’s Paul experiencing our fire & safety demo at our booth set up in Dtec- Dsoa

How much is all this going to cost???

The demo is absolutely free so look no further ! Once done,if you wish to train your workforce in virtual reality varies considerably and depends on what option do you choose. A monthly subscription fee is paid for the training software to ensure it’s always up to date.

Final note---

Fire and safety is often seen as a very boring topic, but virtual reality can help to keep trainees glued, learning through trial and error method and retaining what they have learned. Plus,,implementing VR also helps in saving cost ,time and travelling to different potentially hazardous training locations. As virtual reality continues to grow beyond just being restricted

to gaming and entertainment,we’re only just beginning to advantage of the potential of virtual reality to provide us with better, safer ways in which to live and work.

Before we wrap up with our post , here’s a super quick video for you to watch and see how fun our fire & safety training module is .

Do check it out in the link below --Scale VR fire & safety demo




Pssstt----- Don’t forget to give us a shoutout if you wish to experience a free demo at our fire & safety booth set up at Dtec- DSOA Dubai!

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