Here’s a new us – Introducing ScaleVR!

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. – Lao Tzu”

How we started:

Three years ago, We started TouchWizard with a vision to Sneak Peak into the future of technology, innovate & provide solutions to help you create a better, rather as we call it – A WoW experience!!

It’s been a phenomenal journey so far with innumerable ups and downs, however, we wouldn’t trade all the leanings and affinity for anything else in this life. We’ve done the best we could being TouchWizard, are immensely proud of our achievements and continue to deliver our best solutions now with a new face!! It gives us immense pride to see our clients use our solutions and provide a customer experience that brings impossible to life! This couldn’t have been possible without the unbridled trust of our partners and users. Obviously there are our competitors rather industry friends ;) who are already delivering the best. However, our uniqueness lies in the way we combine design, innovation and human psychology to bring digital experiences to life. User-feedback is at the backbone of every successful product, we’ve made sure we incorporate actual user feedback and feature requests to build genuinely helpful and valuable products for our clients. We will continue to do so in future too, but now with a new face!

Introducing Scale VR !!!

Scale VR as we already mentioned is all about bringing an edge to your business and customer experience using Virtual Reality. The best way for us to get to know what you were looking for, was to ask for your feedback. Once that was done, we got a clear idea of what we had to work on next. And the technology that shot up to the top-most priority on our development list was – “VIRTUAL REALITY”.

We will definitely cover the long story behind why we are putting all our stakes into Virtual Reality and how we have brought an integration of our previous technological expertise into this. But for now, let me proceed and introduce where we are headed with Scale VR technologies and why you should be excited too.

Our Intention with the name is literally to scale your business with VR. Being in this industry, we understood that building Virtual Reality solutions is a time consuming and expensive process, due to which lot of companies are still not able to really see the potential of this technology. We are working on something really exciting that can possibly make Virtual Reality accessible to masses.

How we do this?

Scale VR has a secret sauce that makes Virtual Reality development process faster, cheaper and also reach out to a large audience. We are already testing this technology in the Education Automobile sector. Topping it up, we also do our regular consulting business for industries who are new and would require customized solutions

The Journey Ahead:

At Scale VR, we always believe in the spirit of experimentation. We take risks. This spirit’s not going to change and we’ll continue investing our efforts into innovation and creation.

We might have completed 1095 days as a company, but we wish to make even more progress every day and that thought makes us happy about the journey we’ve chosen for ourselves.

True to our spirit, you’ll be seeing more and more content on Virtual Reality in the near future. In other words, we are only getting started ---

Upwards and onwards

Until then, do follow us on our social media handles for daily tips and tricks!!

About Us

Touchwizard Technologies is an award winning Virtual reality company that has been serving top brands across globe for more than 3 years. We have a strong team that is working towards making VR more mainstream and accessible to the masses. We also provide customised Virtual reality solutions for industries, corporate and governments. Get in touch if you are interested to work with us.



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