Demystifying Virtual Reality!

The journey from ideation to becoming a working startup is a long and hard one.

Here’s discussing the entire process of converting our idea from paper to prototype and the factors we took into account while building a product that looks into the future and brings experience to life ! To sum it up , here’s why we moved to VR and are all GAGA about VR.

Virtual reality and the whole hype around it :

Taking people into virtual world through games or movies has always been an amazing experience. Now this is more like a reality where this technology tricks the brain to feel like we have landed in a whole new world. Here’s the best part! The best part is there are many virtual reality headsets available to order online, cheapest being the google cardboard (for $20)

What's more?

With smartphone-compatible versions of VR, right from Google Cardboard, Samsung

Gear VR, Oculus Go to the phenomenal arrival of the HTC Vive, one thing is certain:

virtual reality is all set to make some noise!! And why not? Our team truly believes,“Virtual reality is the next big thing in the technological space and of course gives us an opportunity to stand out from the competition by bringing digital experience to life”

The application of virtual reality tools are big for many industries, right from education, real estate and automobile to name a few. While this new update in technology is and businesses are buying and using it. VR is something that, when tapped at to the right stories, makes sense. It doesn’t make sense for everything, but for stories that benefit from perspective and letting the audience be in the scene, it certainly has advantages in terms of connecting people with the stories you’re telling. Imagine you want someone to visit Rome without actually being there.With VR, you can put someone in the middle of ancient Rome.They can see exactly how the people dressed, interact with them, hear how they talked, see what they ate.

And lastly - Here’s a Hi - Fi(ve) guide to why Virtual Reality Is here to stay!

1. VR lets you teleport yourself just about anywhere in the world and lets you experience it , without being physically present

The 360º VR functionality is a step up from traditional Street View. VR lets you really focus on small details you might otherwise miss,since you are completely immersed in the experience. And that’s the magic it offers: it makes you so immersive that you become aware only of your virtual surroundings. Google has already implemented VR in its street view maps

2. VR lets you walk a mile in your Customers shoes

Allowing customers to see your product without it technically existing is exciting and also creates many opportunities for businesses.You get insights into what the people want without needing to build the same product over and over.Virtual prototypes are far more effective than just showing them concept images or a dummy model. It’s lets them experience your product and adds on to their trust .They can look at the product every which way and give honest feedback. This also lets you as a business knockout errors before they turn into an expensive problem and help get your products out to the market faster

3. A one stop solutions to all your business needs

Right from medicine to media , education to automobiles,VR lets you make the impossible possible! You might think virtual training is expensive and tedious but it’s a far cheaper and safer option for many whose real-life training programs require access to high-tech equipment or exposure to high-risk environments.VR training is much closer to a real-world environment and is far more engaging for staff to interact with than manuals or shadowing a superior

4. VR offers you a DIY kinda exploration !

VR gives you the ability to create a safe environment for online learners to experiment and try things which would otherwise be impossible. As the technology evolves, so too will the applications in eLearning. Which is why it's essential for eLearning pros to keep up with cutting-edge tech and think of new and innovative uses for VR tools.

5.A trip into the future

As the brilliant minds in marketing truly take hold of 3D 360-degree virtual reality technology, we will find ourselves increasingly presented with some of the most stunning imagery and immersive storytelling the marketing world has ever produced. Majority of us probably won’t even mind being marketed to as it will be well worth the trade

So what next?

Of course, this is only the beginning. As the quality of VR improves,bugs get ironed out and prices fall.The next few years in Virtual Reality will bring waves of opportunities for businesses and help open the door of opportunities.All we have to do is walk through and see this bubble grow!

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