5 effective ways of using Virtual Reality to scale UP your Real Estate business!!

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

In our previous blog post, we introduced you to what Virtual Reality is all about and how it is going to benefit you as a brand

During our 90’s, little did we know that virtual reality would ever make an identity into the real world. As technology is evolving rapidly and infusing itself with all the major segments of the industry, it was only a matter of time before VR was going to find its place in the real estate business. While doing our bit of research on the applications of VR in the real estate sector, we found that this technology is going to be a game changer and sure to take your Real estate business to a whole new level. In this post, we’ll show you five effective ways you can use this visionary tool right now and reap some serious benefits in the future

#1 What your Customers see is what they get!!

Going back in time, buyers had no other option than to look at pictures or to see the property in person before deciding on buying it. Also,not to forget the time that is invested in going through various properties before actually deciding on the one that suits their needs.These days,thanks to the evolution of VR,customers have the ability to slip on a VR headset and instantly be transported to a 360 degree view of a property sitting at home. This is surely an experience of a lifetime for potential buyers. This not only saves time,but also helps customers experience their future home.Naturally, it’s going to be a win win for you as a business as this will not only see a rise in sales efficiency but also allow the ability to see more potential buyers

#2 Better quality leads and better ROI’s

The bread and butter of any good real estate business is marketing, especially when you have majority of properties listed for rent. Traditional marketing techniques were all about listing your property through billboards, hoardings and other marketing techniques. However using VR, you can create a 360 degree seamless virtual property tour not only to help attract good tenants but also help find the right tenants at the right time.This saves time for landlords, property managers, and real estate agents who want to show the property to serious renters!!

#3 Transparency in communication

Finally,real estate investors, often struggle with tenant communication. Communication hurdles will be demolished as the use of VR grows, and will evolve quickly as tenants and landlords discover new uses that solve common tension points

Tenant communication is even more important for real estate investors who specialize in short-term vacation rentals. Because of the high turnover rate in vacation rentals, effective communication is even more critical than traditional long-term rental situations

#4 Stand out from your competitors!

The next time you participate in a property show or any real estate festival, tag your VR headset along. This works best to show your property to potential buyers and also works as a source of entertainment. Use it to show visitors your listings, or even just to entertain them. The point is to represent yourself as a media-savvy agent and make your presence more memorable so that, when people need an agent, you’ll be the one they call. As a real estate agent,VR helps widen the range of products offered not only at a domestic level but also expand internationally. In fact, the agency can sell properties abroad and enable its own customer’s base to visit an apartment abroad and thus invest abroad through their agency

#5 Helping Contractors

One of the key benefits of using VR technology is that it can be put to best use during the planning phase itself, both for the buyers and contractors. It can demonstrate construction and renovation plans accurately, which will go a long way in helping the contractors estimate the budget and resources needed. This not only saves time, but also helps build projects that is state of art but at the same time cost friendly


Looking at these ways of using VR to help scale your real estate business, we are truly excited to work and make our little discoveries in this sector. We would conclude this post by saying, VR definitely looks like an exciting technology that allows the real estate industry the ability to tell a story like never before.

Are you excited as much as we are or are you not impressed? Let us know your thoughts about how do you predict VR making an impact on the real estate sector




Tadaaah until we get back to you with our next post !!!!

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