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World's first Enterprise VR platform



Create with Ease

Content creation in virtual reality is easy than ever before. Add photos, videos or 3D easily into VR and convert into a virtual reality application instantly.


Multiple platforms in VR makes it difficult for industries to scale.

Our platforms allows same content to be used across multiple



Our collaboration module allows you to view VR with other users over the internet or LAN, enabling businesses

to engage their



Our Platform

VR video platform that

enables training solutions

Education and Training in Virtual reality can be game changer due to its visualization capabilities. We have specifically designed edu vr to suit the needs of training organizations and educational institutions.

Classroom Solution enabling teacher and students to be in one environment.

Cross Platform Support allowing trained users to control classroom and stream across devices for learning.

Immersive Learning with ever growing library of contents from various topics ranging from space to history.

VR Image platform is

best suited for real estate

Today, virtual reality photos are easy to create, but using the right platform to put them together in a form that is scalable, is the real problem. With real vr platform you can now scale the potential of VR photos by colloborating with your clients.

Simple platform to convert VR photos to distributable app, web and VR format instantly.

VR sales tool for client demo over the internet or LAN, to create more engagement.

Data collection to convert your clients along with instant call to action in VR.


World's first end to end VR platform

Get ready for a whole suite of software in VR


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Touchwizard Technologies is an award winning Virtual reality company that has been serving top brands across globe for more than 3 years. We have a strong team that is working towards making VR more mainstream and accessible to the masses. We also provide customised Virtual reality solutions for industries, corporate and governments. Get in touch if you are interested to work with us.



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